Paint Alert in Windows 10 Insider Preview#17063

Open Paint in Windows 10 Insider Preview#17063. You will notice a blue colored product alert icon on the top. Click on it get the following message:

Earlier Microsoft said that Paint will be removed at some point but would be available from Windows Store (now Microsoft Store)



AltBalaji App Problem Fixed

On December 17th,2017, I documented video playback problem of AltBalaji app on my iPad Pro  in my blog. You can read it here.

I sent my feedback with screenshots to the Balaji Support Team. They responded very quickly and fixed the video playback problem by updating the app. My problematic version for iOS was 1.5.7. Now this problem has been fixed in version 1.5.8.

How To Use Timeline Feature in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17063.1000

To launch Timeline feature, click Task view icon  present in Task bar of Preview Build 17063. This will launch the Time Line bar. Now you can drag the scale to the desired date and can view what you did on that very day. There is a Search and Feedback option also.

task view

time line 3

Google Chrome Installer App removed from Microsoft Store

Microsoft has removed Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store as according to them it violated Microsoft Store’s policy.

The reason for this is because the Microsoft Store requires that any browser use the EdgeHTML rendering engine, and Google’s Chrome uses its own Blink engine. Interestingly Edge is available on Android, it is available in Googles’ Play Store. Moreover,for that app, Microsoft chose to use Blink, even though it’s not a requirement on Android.

Today I tried to find Chrome and Microsoft Stores came up with the following:


Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build 17063

Microsoft released Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build 17063.

In this build Microsoft has introduced Timeline,with Timeline, you can get right back to where you left off.

Timeline introduces a new way to resume past activities you started on this PC, other devices. It enhances Task View, allowing you to switch between currently running apps and past activities.

Details here

Can’t Change One Folder Icon


I can change all other folders but not the one that named Program.The weird thing is that can change ANY other folders icon but not this one.Tried this but…

takeown /f D:\Programs /r /d y

ERROR: Access is denied

icacls D:\Programs /grant administrators:F /T

D:\Programs: access is denied.

Successfully processedd 0 files; Failed processing 1 files

Windows 10  Version 1709


Boot into Safe mode to change the icon of the specific folder.

Windows 10 Activity Monitor

Things which Windows 10 track:

  • Browsing history:

If browsing history in Cortana is turned on, your Microsoft Edge browsing history is sent to Microsoft. Microsoft Edge also saves your browsing history on your device.

  • Search history:

Bing uses your search history to give you better results, including personalization and autosuggest. Cortana also uses that data to give you timely, intelligent answers, personalized suggestions, and complete other tasks for you.

  • Location activity:

Using technologies like GPS Windows 10 gives you more accurate information related to the locale where you stay.

  • Voice activity:

When you use voice commands with Windows, Cortana, and other cloud-based, voice-enabled products and services, then Microsoft will collect and store your audio recordings.

  • Cortana’s Notebook:

The Notebook is where Cortana keeps track of your interests.

How Will You view Activity History?

To view go to :

How to Clear History?

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Activity History.
  2. Under Clear Activity History, click the Clear 

If you like to prevent tracking:

Toggle off Let Windows collect my activities.