How to relocate “PerfLogs” folder in Windows 10

What is PerfLogs Folder?

PerfLogs is a system generated folder, that stores a log file of all the issues and other performance related reports.

Is it safe to delete it?

Yes, it is safe to delete or remove this folder.

What will happen if I delete it?

Windows will keep recreating it every time you delete it.

Can I hide this folder?

The folder hardly uses any space, so we’d recommend you to leave it as is. If it really bothers you for some reason, you can simply the hide the folder by right clicking on it and choosing Properties –> General –> Hide.

Can I move this folder?

Of course, you can move C:\PerfLogs folder from root directory into the C:\Windows folder by the following commands:

robocopy “C:\PerfLogs” “C:\Windows\PerfLogs” /E /COPYALL /XJ

takeown /F “C:\PerfLogs” /R /A /D Y

icacls “C:\PerfLogs” /grant Administrators:F /T /C

rd /s /q “C:\PerfLogs”

mklink /J “C:\PerfLogs” “C:\Windows\PerfLogs”

There is a good discussion.

Some folders under the “C:\” root folder could move them into the “C:\Windows” system root folder or other place


JPEG package could not be registered


In the last 3 days, I have started getting JPEG package could not be registered message.How to fix it?



1. You may go for a System Restore. Select any restore point prior to this error.

2. You may try to reset default apps. To do this:

Start > Settings > Apps > Default apps > Reset

3. Open command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

sfc /scannow