Windows Template Studio 1.5

Microsoft has released Windows Template Studio 1.5.
New Features:

Share source, share target
Feedback hub (added in v1.4)

Template improvements:

Minor tweaks for Fluent
Caliburn.Micro Support (added in v1.4)

Improvements to the Wizard:

Localization in all Visual Studio supported language
Adjusted the feature categories
Lots of under the hood bug fixes and code improvements
Much more Visual Basic engine work
Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution
Work to support Prism
Bug fixes.

Full list of adjustments in the 1.5 release, head over to WTS’s Github.

How to get the update:

There are two paths to update to the newest build.
Already installed: Visual Studio should auto update the extension. To force an update, Go to Tools->Extensions and Updates. Then go to Update expander on the left and you should see Windows Template Studio in there and click “Update.”
Not installed: Head to, click “download” and double click the VSIX installer.