Windows 10 Insider Preview Update Rollup: May 5, 2015

This update rollup (This update is available from Windows Update.)

includes a collection of fixes for the following issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview and Windows Server Technical Preview:

  • Project Spartan crashes when attempting to open it on some devices.
  • The Start menu appears when features of the work area, such as the screen resolution, DPI setting, or screen rotation, are changed. This can occur when running apps, such as games, that open in full-screen. These apps then crash when pressing the Alt+Tab keys.


To apply this update, you must be running Build 10074 of Windows 10 Insider Preview or Windows Server Technical Preview.


Windows 10 Technical Preview:Expiration Dates

RajithR, a Microsoft Support Engineer, posted the license expiration dates of Windows 10 Technical Previews, build-wise:

The expiration dates for Windows 10 Technical Preview vary by build number.  The table below summarizes the expiration dates for each of the builds we’ve released so far.  (Dates are subject to change.)

Build number Expiration warnings begin License expiration date Windows will stop booting
9841 4/2/15 4/15/15 4/30/15
9860 4/2/15 4/15/15 4/30/15
9879 4/2/15 4/15/15 4/30/15
9926 9/17/15 10/1/15 10/15/15
10041 9/17/15 10/1/15 10/15/15
10049 9/17/15 10/1/15 10/15/15

contacts+message backup in Windows Phone 8.1

Note: To use this app, please go to Settings on your Windows Phone.  This app will NOT appear in your list of installed apps.

Contacts + Message Backup app is a Settings app that enables you to make backup of all your contacts (in VCF format) and messages (SMS & MMS including attachments) to SD card (in XML format) for later restore to same or another Windows Phone.

Backup is stored in ‘backup+restore’ folder on the SD card.

Known Issue: Restoring a backup of messages from a dual SIM Windows Phone restores all messages to message store for the first SIM/slot.


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