November Update for Windows 10

The November Update – better known to Windows Insiders as build 10586 is now available.With this update, there are improvements in all aspects of the platform and experience, including thousands of partners updating their device drivers and applications for great Windows 10 compatibility.

Experience improvements in this update include:

  • Performance in everyday tasks, such as boot time now nearly 30% faster than Windows 7 on the same device.
  • With Cortana, you can use your device’s pen** to just scribble a note in the Cortana Notebook and Cortana will recognize the phone number, email address, and even physical address to help you set reminders. Cortana can also now keep track of your event and movie bookings too, sending you helpful reminders to know where to go and get there on time, plus the option to book and track an Uber**. We’re excited to make Cortana available in Japan, Australia, and Canada and India (in English) with features and experiences customized for each market.
  • Microsoft Edge offers improved performance and security, along with tab preview, which allows you to hover over your open tabs and get a preview of what’s on those websites without leaving the page you’re on. Microsoft Edge now syncs your Favorites and Reading list items across devices so you can easily get back to the content you’re interested in most. And, Cortana will now notify you of the best coupons** from your favorite retailers such as Staples, Macys and Best Buy when shopping in Microsoft Edge.

And much more with improvements to Mail, Calendar, Photos, Groove, Xbox, Store, OneNote, Solitaire, and more!

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Box app For Windows 10

apps_49517_13510798886672887_ae135504-43ac-4469-83b7-a7b5cf2e163e With Box app you can create, store, and access files from any device using the Box for Windows 10 universal app. Share files or folders instantly with anyone, from anywhere.

Features: Share large files with just a link – no need for attachments · View many different file types, including PDF, Word and Excel – no file downloading required · Create and edit Microsoft Office files directly in Box, or from Office · Add comments to documents and keep projects moving forward, wherever you are.

Box app

Update for the Groove app on Windows 10 / versions 3.6.1513.0 and 3.6.1517.0

These updates are available in the Store now.The Groove app on Windows 10 for desktop and mobile. This release includes the following:

For desktop (version 3.6.1513.0):

  • Improved Live Tile UX
    • Showing the Groove logo when artwork is displayed
    • Showing album art
    • Removing the black half gradient
    • Shuffling the metadata around to be more useful

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10586 released  to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

Issues fixed:

  • The issue where any audio playing (like music from Groove, or videos from the Movies & TV app) gets reduced by 75% for a period of time after a notification pops up from Action Center is fixed.
  • Pressing the power button on your Surface Pro 3 should put your Surface Pro 3 to sleep instead of shutting it down.
  • We fixed an issue reported by Windows Insiders where a disksnapshot.exe command prompt window would flash randomly.
  • Windows should now remember your previous login type. For example, if you log in with a PIN – it will prompt you for a PIN next time instead of another type.
  • We fixed an issue where Tab previews in Microsoft Edge were appearing as black if the page was not scrolled to the top, and web note clippings were also appearing as black.
  • Small form-factor devices, like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size should no longer experience a bluescreen on upgrade.
  • Apps and games should download from the Store more reliably.

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Can’t Change Brightness After Auto Update in Windows 10.


I have an HP Pavilion dv7.After an auto update in Windows 10 I am unable to change the brightness.


If you think that it has been happening after installing an update then try to uninstall the update and recheck the issue.

You may go for a System Restore. Select any restore point prior to this update.

Uninstall, reinstall and update Graphic Card driver. Visit the website of the Graphic Card manufacturer to download the latest driver.

After this download and reinstall Quick Launch Buttons from HP’s support site.


Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC is now ready for download.

Download:  Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC

Important: Only the .ISO files for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC are available at this time, and these files might take a while to download. The web installers will be available within the next several days.

Known Issue: The Visual Studio Emulator for Android and Microsoft Test Manager will not be able to acquire online licenses when they are used with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid installing Update 1 RC on a computer where either of those products is needed.

To learn more about the most recent version of TFS, see the Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 1 RC 2 release notes.

What’s new

Visual Studio:

Other changes:

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