work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers causing Guide download problem in Windows Media Center

Just saw the work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers,which were not allowing Guides to be downloaded in WMC.

To resolve this issue:

“Open an elevated command prompt (search for cmd, right click, Run as Administrator) and run:

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following lines at the bottom of the file:

Save the file, then at the command prompt run:

ipconfig /flushdns

Then, force an update in WMC.

Once Microsoft and Akamai figure it out, you’ll want to reopen the file using the same process, and remove those 2 lines and save the file. Otherwise, a future server update could break things for you again.”

source: Re: Guide Download Issues Thread – Sept 2014


Program Information is Incorrect in Windows Media Center


I’m having a problem obtaining the correct program information from the Windows Media Center guide.  Setup properly identifies my tuner (Hauppauge 2250) and my cable provider . After it downloads the latest guide listings, the channels are all there and labeled correctly.  However, the particular program information is almost entirely incorrect. Rerunning set up doesn’t fix the problem.


During set up installation make sure you are providing the right zip/PIN code.

Your clock is showing the correct timing.

You are located in the correct time zone.


Windows Media Center EPG (Electronic Program Guide) shows “No data available” in Windows 8.1 Preview


I have updated my OS to Windows 8.1 Preview since then the Media Center TV Guide (EPG) is not updating.  The Guide keeps showing “No data available”.


Re-run the TV setup.

Open Windows Media Center start screen, scroll to Tasks, tap or click Settings, tap or click General, tap or click Windows Media Center Setup, and then tap or click Set Up TV Signal.


How can I install 8 tv tuners in Windows 8 Media Center?


I am using Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center.I have 4 tuners installed.Can I enable more than 4 tuners in my system?I tried Tunersalad.


Firstly Tunersalad still doesn’t work on Windows 8.





If you use the latest version of   Big Screen EPG,it will allow you to increase the number of tuners  to any value between 4 and 512 tuners.And it works both on 32 bit and 64 bit platform.

UK Guide Data issue Fixed

“Microsoft is aware of the issue with the Electronic Programming Guide for Windows Media Center in the UK and Ireland. We have identified the cause and have already deployed a fix for the UK. A solution for Ireland is in the works and expected shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience to Windows Media Center users in these countries.”

Ref:Windows Media Center Electronic Programming Guide data in UK and Ireland


No UK guide data past 01/01/2013

There are reports that there is no guide data in January,2013.Last year similar thing happened and it took a couple of weeks for Microsoft to fix the problem.This problem has been reported at Microsoft Connect and till now there is workaround.

Ian Dixon’s Blog

Microsoft Connect

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Fixing Missing Channels In Windows Media Center

Things to check if you experience missing tv channels in EPG:-

A] Go to and check the channels listed there or not.

B] If the channels are listed in the website but not in your EPG then try the following:-

Open Windows Media Center Tasks > Settings > TV > Guide > Edit Channels.

Check whether the channels listed are marked;if not marked they will not appear.

C] Sometimes using a Zip Code,which is near by to your location helps.

D] You may post the issue at Microsoft Connect

For this you need to sign in or sign up and click Submit Feedback button to raise the issue.Don’t forget to P provide more information about your guide listings. At the Windows Media Center Start    menu, go to: Tasks > Settings > TV > Guide > About Guide Listings.

E] You may try Guide Tool also for adding missing channel

F]If you have a a QAM capable PC tuner you may need view the following Youtube video to get a clear idea:-

6] If you need to remap then  remap the clearQAM channels.

7]If Automatic Download Guide listings doesn’t help then opt for add channels manually.Make sure no firewall or internet security app is trying to block.

7]Don’t forget to update your tv tuner card or graphic card before proceeding.Just visit the websites of the manufacturers to grab the latest drivers.