Lenovo Miix 630

Lenovo’s Miix 630, latest Windows 10 S 2-in-1 detachable shown at CES 2018. This device comes with integrated 4G LTE.


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) is Now Available For All

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) is fully available for all compatible devices running Windows 10 worldwide.

If you’re running the Anniversary Update (version 1607) or Creators Update (version 1703), Microsoft will  send you a reminder that the feature update is ready to install. If you’re running an even older version of Windows 10, you’ll need to install the Fall Creators Update using Update Assistant on Microsoft’s Software Download site.


January 2018 Security Updates

The January security release consists of security updates for the following software:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps
SQL Server
.NET Framework
.NET Core
Adobe Flash

Please note the following information regarding the security updates:

  • Windows 10 updates are cumulative. The monthly security release includes all security fixes for vulnerabilities that affect Windows 10, in addition to non-security updates. The updates are available via the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  • Starting in March 2017, a delta package will be available on the Microsoft Update Catalog for Windows 10 version 1607 and newer. This delta package contains just the delta changes between the previous month and the current release.
  • Updates for Windows RT 8.1 and Microsoft Office RT software are only available via Windows Update.
  • In addition to security changes for the vulnerabilities, updates include defense-in-depth updates to help improve security-related features.
  • After May 9, 2017, customers running Windows 10 version 1507 will no longer receive security and quality updates, with the exception of the Windows 10 2015 LTSB and the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2015 LTSB editions. Microsoft recommends that customers with devices running other editions of Windows 10 version 1507 that are no longer supported update these devices to the latest version of Windows 10. For more information see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 4015562.

Known Issues 4056890 4056891 4056892 4056893 4056888 4056895 4056898 4056894 4056897 4056896 4056899

UEFI Updates For Surface Devices

Microsoft will provide UEFI updates for the following devices:

  • Surface Pro 3
  • Surface Pro 4
  • Surface Book
  • Surface Studio
  • Surface Pro Model 1796
  • Surface Laptop
  • Surface Pro with LTE Advanced
  • Surface Book 2

The updates will be available for the above devices running Windows 10 Creators Update (OS version 15063) and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (OS version 16299). You will be able to receive these updates through Windows Update or by visiting the Microsoft Download Center.


Surface Guidance for Customers and Partners: Protect your devices against the recent chip-related security vulnerability

Keyboard Making a Clicking Noise and Not Writing


My computer was working fine, but when I tried to write a message back to a friend on Facebook, every time I made a Key Stroke I would hear a clicking sound come from my computer and nothing would be typed on my computer.


This may happen if Filter Keys are on.

Open Control Panel > Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center > Make the keyboard easier to use

Here scroll down to “Turn on Filter Keys” option

De-select “Turn on Filter Keys”

Select the “Apply” button and “OK”

Keyboard Input is Not Working in Windows 10 Login Screen


You are trying to sign in with your Microsoft credentials but you are unable to type in the log in screen box.


This happens if Ctfmon is not running in the background.

What does Ctfmon do?

It controls Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar. It controls speech recognition, handwriting, language input.


Press Win+R keys to open Run menu.

In the dialog box of Run menu copy-paste the following:


Finally press the Enter key.