Keyboard Making a Clicking Noise and Not Writing


My computer was working fine, but when I tried to write a message back to a friend on Facebook, every time I made a Key Stroke I would hear a clicking sound come from my computer and nothing would be typed on my computer.


This may happen if Filter Keys are on.

Open Control Panel > Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center > Make the keyboard easier to use

Here scroll down to “Turn on Filter Keys” option

De-select “Turn on Filter Keys”

Select the “Apply” button and “OK”


Keyboard Input is Not Working in Windows 10 Login Screen


You are trying to sign in with your Microsoft credentials but you are unable to type in the log in screen box.


This happens if Ctfmon is not running in the background.

What does Ctfmon do?

It controls Alternative User Input and the Office Language bar. It controls speech recognition, handwriting, language input.


Press Win+R keys to open Run menu.

In the dialog box of Run menu copy-paste the following:


Finally press the Enter key.

Storage Sense in Windows 10

What is Storage Sense?

It is a built-in feature present in Windows 10 which clears temporary  and unused files automatically when there is low disk space.

How to enable it?

  • Open Settings
  • Click System
  • Click Storage

Drag the slider to On position under Storage.

Click Change how we free up space automatically

Under Temporary files there are three options:

  • Delete temporary files that my apps aren’t using
  • Delete files that have been in the recycle bin for over 30 days
  • Delete files in the Downloads folder that haven’t changed in 30 days

Check the boxes against the above options according to your requirement.

Finally click Clean now tab.

In Windows Insider preview builds you will find another option Delete previous versions of Windows.




Paint Alert in Windows 10 Insider Preview#17063

Open Paint in Windows 10 Insider Preview#17063. You will notice a blue colored product alert icon on the top. Click on it get the following message:

Earlier Microsoft said that Paint will be removed at some point but would be available from Windows Store (now Microsoft Store)


AltBalaji App Problem Fixed

On December 17th,2017, I documented video playback problem of AltBalaji app on my iPad Pro  in my blog. You can read it here.

I sent my feedback with screenshots to the Balaji Support Team. They responded very quickly and fixed the video playback problem by updating the app. My problematic version for iOS was 1.5.7. Now this problem has been fixed in version 1.5.8.

Can’t Change One Folder Icon


I can change all other folders but not the one that named Program.The weird thing is that can change ANY other folders icon but not this one.Tried this but…

takeown /f D:\Programs /r /d y

ERROR: Access is denied

icacls D:\Programs /grant administrators:F /T

D:\Programs: access is denied.

Successfully processedd 0 files; Failed processing 1 files

Windows 10  Version 1709


Boot into Safe mode to change the icon of the specific folder.