SSD Hard Disk Mounting Adapter

In older PC cabinets the SSD mounting is impossible as there is no sizeable mounting bracket in the system.

In that case one has to keep the SSD loosely either on a HDD mounting area or just keeping it hanging.

In Amazon I found a nice solution. The mounting bracket for SSD is available. And the price is very cheap. It is made up of metal. There are 8 PC screws and it is very easy to install.






Bengali Font problem in Windows 10 Insider Build 16232


You cannot copy paste Bengali language in Microsoft Word or in Facebook. The uni-code looks horrible.


Microsoft uses Nirmala UI for Windows. It started from Windows 8, way back in 2012. This supports the following Indian languages:


To resolve the issue, open Microsoft Word > From the drop down menu of Fonts > Select Nirmala UI.

To know more about this Font:

Nirmala UI

“no audio devices are installed” in Windows 10


I am getting this pop up message “no audio devices are installed” and there is no sound either.


Open Settings

Update & Security


Playing Audio

Run the troubleshooter.

If the above doesn’t help then try the following:

Open Device Manager

Locate sound card driver

Right click to uninstall it.


Let OS to detect the hardware.

Get connected with the internet and visit the website of sound card manufacturer or your system’s manufacturer to download and install the latest audio driver.

For more help:

Windows 10 – Audio Troubleshooting Tips

Fixing Apps after resetting Windows Insider Build 16232


I did a reset of  Windows Insider Build 16232 . I didn’t keep any old files. After the reset I found the Apps are looking like this:

It suggests that the apps are downloading…but it didn’t download automatically.

How to fix:

To fix the problem, I opened Stores.

Clicked on my accounts.

Clicked Downloads and Updates.

The apps started downloading.



Window 10 app store is not working


Windows 10 app store is not working. How to fix?


1] Open C:\Users<Insert Username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\

    Delete local cache folder.

    Recheck the issue.


2] Open PowerShell as Administrator  to re-register the new Store:

In PowerShell write the following command followed by pressing the Enter key.
   Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Volume Icon Missing in Windows 10 Preview 16215

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16215 on 8th June,2017.

You may go through the fixes and new features of this build here.

After installing this preview build I observed that the volume icon is missing in the taskbar. So to fix the problem I did the following steps:

  •  In Start Search box type in Turn System icons on or off and press the Enter key.
  •  Locate Volume icon and turn it on.

But still the volume icon is missing and I found only Network icon in the taskbar. One thing I noticed that the Network icon is awfully flattened. So I turned off the Network icon first and kept volume icon on.

Now the volume icon appeared. Finally I made both Network and Volume icons On and see the result below:


How did I fix the problem:

I uninstalled graphic card driver via Device Manager. Rebooted the system and installed the driver from the website of the manufacturer. Finally I signed out and in. Everything looks great now.


Missing Fonts After Update to Creator Update


Many fonts were present prior to install of creator’s update now they are missing.


To restore default fonts open Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts > Font settings.

But if the fonts (missing) installed earlier from third party sources Microsoft has created the Blocking Untrusted Fonts feature.

What are untrusted fonts?

Untrusted fonts are any font installed outside of the %windir%/Fonts directory.


Block untrusted fonts in an enterprise