Failed to Install Windows Insider Preview Build #18298

Presently I am on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build #18290.

The Windows Updates started downloading next preview version #18298. Once download was complete it automatically started installing it. The system rebooted and started undoing all the changes and reverted to the same old preview build.

So I started troubleshooting. I ran the in-built Windows Update troubleshooter and it came with no issues.

I deleted Software Updater things but it remained same.

I have sent my feedback to the Team.


Windows 10 Insider Build #18290 ISO

ISO images for Windows 10 Insider build #18290 is now available for download. It was initially released on 28th November for the Fast ring users and later it has been replaced by build #18298. If you go for a Clean install you will probably end up with upgrading to build 18298.


Windows Light Theme

I just upgraded my system to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18282. This preview build for First Ring Windows Insider has a unique feature.

When you select Light under Settings > Personalization > Colors, the expectation is that the system color would be lighter too. And it didn’t do that before – the taskbar and many other things stayed dark. Now, if you choose Light under Settings > Personalization > Colors, all system UI will now be light. This includes the taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, touch keyboard, and more.

And there is a new default wallpaper Windows Light

Light Theme

Light Theme 2.jpg


Focus Assist with a New Option in Windows 10 Insider Preview Version 18777

According to Microsoft Focus Assist allows you to choose which notification you’d like to see and hear so you can stay focused.With the April 10,2018 Update Microsoft introduced Focus Assist.In Windows 10 it remains turned off by default and you have to turn it on via Action Center.

How to Enable Focus Assist :

  • Click on Notification icon present on the Taskbar.
  • The Action Center will pop up and show tiles.
  • Locate Focus Assist tile.
  • Click on Focus Assist.
  • Focus assist will be enabled or On.
  • Once enabled you click on it, it will show Priority only. It means Windows will show only selected notifications from the priority list.
  • If you further click on it then it will show Alarms Only mode. It means Windows will hide all notifications except alarms set by you.

Alternative ways to enable Focus Assist:

By Right click on Notification icon
Right click on Notification icon.
Select Focus Assist, which will show three modes: Off, Priority only and Alarm only.
Via Settings
Open Settings
Click System
Locate Focus assist present at the left side to launch.

After installing Windows 10 version 18777 I have observed a few changes but nothing vitally important.

Focus Assist is one of them:

Settings > System > Focus Assist

This new option ( Feature surrounded by red rectangle) when you’re doing anything full screen we can automatically turn on focus assist.Watching a movie? Poring over some excel tables? Studying? Focus assist is here for you, and will keep your notifications quiet until you exit full screen mode.

For other features see:

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18277


How to View List of Languages Installed & Set the Preference in Windows 10 via PowerShell

To do this open PowerShell as Admin.

Type the following command and press the Enter key after that.



See the LanguageTag of preferred language

For example,if preferred language is US English, run this command and hit Enter:

$1 = New-WinUserLanguageList en-US

Now run this command to set the order of installed input languages:

Set-WinUserLanguageList $1

Horrible Experience During Installing Windows Insider Build Skip Ahead 19H1 18237.1000

I have been using Windows Insider Build Skip Ahead 19H1 18234.1000.

Microsoft has released Skip Ahead 19H1 18237.1000 only yesterday (12th Sept.). So I went to Windows Update to update my system.It started downloading fast and then all the odd things started. I was working on Google Chrome. It stopped responding. The screen becoming black from time to time. The open pages of Google Chrome started to quit instantly. The desktop turned to a solid color.

The screenshots are here:

Earlier Team reported  error 0x8007000e.

Microsoft is currently investigating the cause of this.