How To Fix igfxsrvc.exe error


My pc  is running windows 7 ultimate, igfxsrvce.exe keeps flashing for a moment and minimzes every full screen app…How to fix?


igfxsrvc.exe is a process associated with the Intel(R) Common User Interface from Intel Corporation. It is installed with graphic card drivers with Intel chipsets.

Visit Intel’s website to download and install the latest and compatible version of graphic card driver.



work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers causing Guide download problem in Windows Media Center

Just saw the work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers,which were not allowing Guides to be downloaded in WMC.

To resolve this issue:

“Open an elevated command prompt (search for cmd, right click, Run as Administrator) and run:

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following lines at the bottom of the file:

Save the file, then at the command prompt run:

ipconfig /flushdns

Then, force an update in WMC.

Once Microsoft and Akamai figure it out, you’ll want to reopen the file using the same process, and remove those 2 lines and save the file. Otherwise, a future server update could break things for you again.”

source: Re: Guide Download Issues Thread – Sept 2014

Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard

The All-in-One Media Keyboard is the perfect device for your living room or home office. It has a full-size keyset and an integrated multi-touch trackpad – type, swipe, drag, zoom, and click with ease. It has customizable media hotkeys that put the web and your favorite music, photos, and movies at your fingertips. The keyboard also has a durable design, so there’s no need to sweat the bumps, drops, or spills of everyday life. The All-in-One Media Keyboard is all you need for comfortable typing and effortless navigation.


Key Features

Key Features

1.Integrated multi-touch trackpad

Integrated multi-touch trackpad enables easy navigation with gesture support to enhance your Windows experience. Tap, swipe, drag, zoom, and click with ease.


2 Customizable media hotkeys

Customizable media keys provide convenient access to your music, photos, and videos.


3 Easy access volume controls

Easy to reach and use volume controls to enhance media experience


4 Durable spill-resistant design

Designed to survive accidental sit-ons and occasional drops. Spill-resistant to withstand accidental spills.


5 Wireless connectivity (USB)

Freely roam around the room with a reliable wireless connection of up to 30 feet.

Works with select TVs and gaming consoles

Basic keyboard functionality with select USB HID compliant Smart TVs and gaming consoles .



Windows Experts Community Site is redirecting to Microsoft Community (Microsoft Answers)

What happened to the The Green Button and Windows Media Center sections from the Windows Experts Community?The entire experts site is redirecting to Microsoft Answers.And in Microsoft Answers there is no sign of it.Windows Experts Community had all the  good info.,tips, trouble shooting,wiki on Windows Media Center.In fact it was our greatest resources.

Very very sad.

Windows Experts Community


Program Information is Incorrect in Windows Media Center


I’m having a problem obtaining the correct program information from the Windows Media Center guide.  Setup properly identifies my tuner (Hauppauge 2250) and my cable provider . After it downloads the latest guide listings, the channels are all there and labeled correctly.  However, the particular program information is almost entirely incorrect. Rerunning set up doesn’t fix the problem.


During set up installation make sure you are providing the right zip/PIN code.

Your clock is showing the correct timing.

You are located in the correct time zone.


No Windows Media Center Extender Support In XBOX One

Xbox 360 can be used as Windows Media Center extender but most unfortunately this very functionality will not be supported for the upcoming Xbox One console.

Here is one of the questions published in Ask Microsoft Anything About Xbox One

Will Xbox One work as a Windows Media Center Extender? For those that use a PC with TV tuner to record and watch TV, we use the 360 as an extender to stream this content to TVs. Will this continue with Xbox One?

WHITTEN: Xbox One isn’t a native Media Center Extender. We’ll continue to work to enable more ways for everyone to get the television they want over the life of the program.


Workaround to fix new profile issue of Netflix in Windows Media Center

On 1st August,Netflix launched profile support-“Netflix members can create a separate “profile” for each member of their household, who will each see a uniquely personalized experience based upon their individual watching habits, their personal favorite shows, and favorite genres, all driven by Netflix recommendation technology. Each account can have up to five profiles…”

When users try this on Windows Media Center they experience the following error message:-

Neither Microsoft nor Netflix seem to want to claim responsibility for it.

A workaround to fix this issue:-

“If all of the profiles except for the main one, which can’t be deleted, are removed then Windows Media Center will work the way it did before. You could call this a solution if the Netflix Windows Media Center plugin is the only way you consume Netflix, but if you’re looking to use the new profile support across multiple devices you’re still stuck.”


Remember in Windows 8.1 the whole thing is still in the dark-may be as it’s a preview build.