How To Pin a Website to Taskbar in Edge


Pin sites that you use most often in Microsoft Edge to the taskbar.

To do this, select More > Pin this page to the taskbar.





Save EPUB book while reading in Edge

If you’re reading a free EPUB book from the web in Microsoft Edge and want to save it, you can now do that.

This is one of the features of Microsoft Edge of Windows Insider Preview Build 17035.1000.


Mute & Unmute Audio via Edge

You are playing a YouTube audio or video using Microsoft Edge and like to mute the sound. Just right click on YouTube tab and select Mute tab. When you like to listen to the sound once again right click on YouTube tab and select Unmute tab this time.

This is one of the nice features of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17035.1000.



Can’t Select, Copy or Paste in Edge


The user cannot select text, copy or paste in Microsoft Edge. But he can do the same in other browsers.


1st Method:

Close all the opened webpages in Edge and restart Edge.

2nd Method:

Reboot your system and recheck the issue.

3rd Method:

Create a new user and test the problem.

4th Method:

Reset Edge. See:

How To Reset Microsoft Edge

Import Favorites in Edge is now just a click away in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042

If you open Edge in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042 you will get the following notification, and if you click on Import favorites you will get this:


In earlier Preview Builds we used to do the same via:

Clicking . . . dots


Import from another browser under Import favorites and other info

So easy now 🙂