f.lux Beta way better than Windows 10 Night Light

Microsoft’s Night Light icon is not available in Taskbar but f.lux beta icon sits nicely in Taskbar. Very handy feature.

Microsoft’s Night Light feature is not location enabled. So you need to set it either Sunset to Sunrise or, you have to schedule the timings.

On the other hand f.lux gets all the information via location. It can detect if the Sun has really set, can detect how long ago it has set and when it will rise. It shows the exact latitude and longitude -it gets this information via default geo-location (if enabled) also when you put zip or PIN code during configuration. You can set your earliest wake time.

Plenty of features and options are there. If you click the three lines you will find those -eg. backwards alarm clock, wider slider ranges ,usage of hot keys, three mode transitions-slow, medium and very fast. You can also adjust connected lighting. There are movie mode and dark room modes also.





Download f.lux beta