Face Swap


Search and transport yourself into fun, inspirational scenes. Just take a selfie, choose a scene from your camera roll or the web, and swipe through your results. Its easy with the power of search and the intelligent face tech.

  • See yourself with a new hairstyle
  • Try on different fashions
  • Pop yourself into trending scenes
  • Swap multiple faces on a group photo
  • Put your friend’s face onto some funny pictures
  • You can swap any face into any picture.
  • Choose a picture:

    • Pick an image with faces from your camera roll
    • Search for an image from internet right inside the app
    • Choose a scene from one of our fun categories

    Choose a face to swap:

    • Take a great selfie with our special face swap camera with real time hints and instructions
    • Pick an image from your camera roll
    • Search for a face on the web

    Using a sophisticated face swap engine:

    • Match skin tone (or any tone try a stone statue!)
    • Automatically find faces in images and place your swap
    • Match lighting conditions
    • Match head turns and tilts
    • Process and place multiple faces in a single scene

    Once you start searching and face swapping, you won’t want to stop.



Fetch! An Awesome app for all dog lovers

iPhone Screenshot 2

Microsoft has released a new app,  Fetch!

It’s a Microsoft Garage project, recognizes dogs and classifies them by their breed. There’s also an extensive collection of breeds that contains information such as disposition, size, coat and what types of families are best suited for each.

The app is available on iOS through the App Store as well as online through What-Dog.net for people on Android or Windows.

Surface Pro 4 Launched in India with an insane price tag

So the wait is over. Microsoft has launched Surface Pro 4 in India today. Amazon India will market the device for the first six months along with older Surface Pro 3.Both the Surface devices are up for pre-orders which will  start from January 14. The device will also be available through Microsoft Stores in different cities across the country.

But the pricing is a shocking one. Intel Core i5 processor 6th Gen ,4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB storage starts with a price tag of 89,900 Indian rupees ($1,343.46) , the same model in US  costs $999.00; plus Rs.12,400 ($185.304 )Touch Cover extra.

Moreover the price of Surface Pro3 is Rs. 73,990.00 ($1,104.55 USD) which is $599.00 in US.

Personally I consider it’s a very bad marketing strategy on behalf of Microsoft. There are lots of alternatives available  with a much cheaper price. Apple has a far better marketing strategy.


Microsoft’s Designer Bluetooth® Desktop


With its ultra-thin and modern look, the Designer Bluetooth® Desktop complements the look of your desk. It wirelessly pairs to your laptop or tablet with the latest Bluetooth Smart technology– instantly connecting without wires or dongles to manage. A full-sized keyboard with built-in number pad and mouse will keep you productive at your desk.

Even with its minimalist design, this keyboard gives you a robust typing experience with chiclet-style, soft touch keys. Media keys are included, so you can easily control music and videos.

Computer/Operating System

Requires a PC that meets the requirements for and has installed one of these operating systems:

  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows RT 8, Windows RT 8.1
  • Android 4.4
  • Mac OS 10.10
  • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices

Pre-order now

work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers causing Guide download problem in Windows Media Center

Just saw the work around for apparently some corruption on the Akamai servers,which were not allowing Guides to be downloaded in WMC.

To resolve this issue:

“Open an elevated command prompt (search for cmd, right click, Run as Administrator) and run:

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following lines at the bottom of the file:   data.tvdownload.microsoft.com   cdn.epg.tvdownload.microsoft.com

Save the file, then at the command prompt run:

ipconfig /flushdns

Then, force an update in WMC.

Once Microsoft and Akamai figure it out, you’ll want to reopen the file using the same process, and remove those 2 lines and save the file. Otherwise, a future server update could break things for you again.”

source: Re: Guide Download Issues Thread – Sept 2014